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Why does the body burn after death?

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Hinduism is very ancient religion. The word Hindu is derived from the river Indus. In our Hindu religion, the sayings of sages on the basis of scientific basis. [16] Sanskars of our lives are said in old books.These rituals are followed from birth to death. Death is the true truth of life.When a person is born.

Then he must die one day. Whether it belongs to any religion, or any country, But after dying in different countries and religions, the person is farewell to different ways. He is buried there too. So somewhere it is burned.Today's topic is, after being die in Hinduism, why a person is burnt ? This is also known as the funeral.

When the person is burned. So before that his body is purified with water. And after that the pronouncement of the Mantra is given to him fire. Do you know? It is done as such. Two famous reasons behind this are considered.

The first

It is believed in Hindu religion. Our body is made up of five elements. Which is the earth, water, air, fire and sky.When we bury our body.So it does not completely merge into these five elements and our soul does not get peace. Therefore, it becomes easy to merge into five element through fire.

The second reason

When death is attained. Then our soul going out and revolves around our body. Because he does not fully understand that his body has been abandoned.And he keeps rotating around the body. So when we give the fire to body. So that soul does not have any body of its own.So he understands that he has died. Now he is ready to go to the new body. If you have some more information about it.Tell us clearly by commenting.


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