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Do you know. How much flies airplane in 1 liter

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Airplanes, many of you people have also traveled in this. So many people have a dream of traveling in it. You will often see this heavy machine flying in the air.

After seeing this, it must have come to your mind that if it moves on fuel. So how much fuel it needs. Go tell what its mileage is.Meaning how far it can be in one liter. You will be surprised to know that aircraft like Boing 747 spend about 4 liters of fuel per second. If this plane flows 5 hours then it takes about 750000 liters of fuel.

According to their website, Boeing 747 spends about 12 liters of fuel per kilometer. The flight speed of this ship is 900 km / hour. The car used on our common scale carries a 15-kilometer route in 1 liter. The lower the weight of the airplane.

The consumption of fuel used will be as low as possible. If the airplane is flying into a proven and placed on a special speed. So this reduces fuel consumption to a great extent.


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