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Is Ravana still alive? After die, he was taken alive.

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All of you know about the story of Ramayana. When there is a war between Rama and Ravana. Lord Rama had killed Ravana. And the dead body of Ravana, Lord Shri Ram gave up his brother's bhavishna. Everyone knew only so much. But after that, what did the bhavishna do to the body of Ravan? Nobody knows anything about it.It is said that Ravana's body is still alive. Yes guys, this is true.


Is called.After the death of Ravana. Some monstrous people took his dead body and Made mummy.Mummy is such a process.In which the body is kept in certain types of chemicals. In which the body is not degrade. Those monsters believed that Ravana will definitely come back one day. Because of their same faith they tried a lot. Let the soul of Ravana return to her body. According to the researchers, Ravan's mummy is buried in Rana Gill cave of Sri Lanka.

Ravan's dead has taken many thousands of years. But even today his body is safe.There is a cave at the height of 8 thousand feet in the forest of Rana Gill.Where Ravana used to do penance. The body of Ravana is in the casket. It is coated with special type of chemicals.Because of which he is still safe even today.The people of Nagpur had brought the body of Ravana with him. He was sure that Ravana would definitely come in one day.


And they made great efforts to make him alive.But he could not succeed in this work. So they locked her body in a casket. So Ravana's body is still alive today.If you have something to say about this. So can comment and say.


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The whole town resides in a building.

Is Ravana still alive? After die, he was taken alive.

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