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mysterious things

You will be surprised by knowing such a strange incident.

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Today we will talk about a strange event in World War I.You will find it difficult to believe this incident. Friends, this is it.of World War I . The war had just started right now.In 1914 the French official caught a German detective. The name of that detective was Peter Corpan .


The French kept this thing secret and such behavior that nothing happened and during his arrest, he kept the activities of that detective as if nothing happened to him. French officers, giving Germany wrong information as Peter Corn And the German government who sent the money to Peter Cooper, the French officers keep them. After some time he assembled.

From the money, French officials bought a car and then detective's fate sparked and he got a chance to get out and he got out of his trap. He wanted to go to his country as soon as possible. And on the other side, the French officer was driving the car purchased from the detective's money and suddenly an accident happened and one person got died hit by the car.

Officer van

When examined, it was discovered that he was detective's.The one who escaped from the French jail. Peter Corpen's accident happened with the car purchased from him money. If that accident was not happened then not know the French officials had ever caught the detective named Peter Corpan.


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