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One such ghost who did not aware of his death.

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Friends, How it seems if Ghost does not know that he has died. Yes, this is absolutely true. Talk from the beginning, This place is named Birsham Newton Airfield. During World War II, this place was used for the movement of the ships. But today it is used to give training. It is a matter of 1950's, a private company in London went on the sidelines and think about making Trainee film. The record of their training can be recorded.

Video shoot

So he sent his camera manager with them. Everything was going well for the first 2-3 days. But after that some ghostly incidents started with camera members. They had scared and gone to other place. About half of the members had gone. One of those members was not believe in ghosts And he denied them. His name was James. He had a lot of fun playing squash. One day he was playing {Squash} in a room in that airfield. So suddenly he found a man shedding up who was in Pilot Uniform of the period of second world war. And he was staring at him. Now James's heart beat got faster. James lungs closed.

When that person crossed the wall. After that incident, James left that place immediately. Now there are different types of talks about this incident in the British media. After some time BCC thought of making a documentary on that place. He send a well-known ghost hunter John with his camera team on the sidelines.When John spoke to those ghosts, he found out that the four were hung on the shed. One of them was named Willy, who was a soldier in {R.A.F}. He had killed himself. He told that he felt ghost when asked to him.

Haunted place

And besides three others were active. There were 1 woman and 2 men. And the names of the three were Gary, Pet and Arnold. His death occurred in 1940 when a plane crashed. According to John, those three ghosts had not believe that they had dead. He was still sitting himself as a living soul. So friends, Please share your comment on this article.


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