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The person who went to this Lake (Lake) never came back.

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Friends have such a unique and mysterious place in the world. It is very difficult to understand. His secret is still unresolved. Today we are going to talk about such a lake. Which can be called killer lake. To this day whoever has gone to this lake that person did not come back. This lake swallows everything around us. This lake is named 'A Lake of No Return'.


This lake is in the Pangasur Darek area near the border of India and Verma. This lake is very famous for its horror stories. Is called. During World War II, when an American plane was able to understand this lake as flat land in the darkness of the night.

Unload his plane on this. All the passengers of that plane died. After that day, the name of this lake is 'A lake of no returns'. This lake is on the border of India's Arunachal Pradesh. One more horror story is famous. The war was going on between the British and Japanese during World War II. And the Japanese wanted to capture all Assam.


So the British sent a large army contingent to end their misdemeanor. The troop had to get out of the lake road only to Assam. But suddenly the whole army disappeared after reaching Pangusur Dreake. So friends have what you have to say. Let us make a comment {COMMENT} about this lake.


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Aware Your Friends

One such ghost who did not aware of his death.

You will be surprised by knowing these mysteries of India.

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