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The whole town resides in a building.

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We make houses for our living. Shops to buy more goods and there are hospitals to cure the disease and the group of all of us living is called the city. Those living people have different houses.If we tell you that there is one city in this world too. Which is inhabited in a building.

Yes, you heard absolutely right. Alaska is a small town in North America, Whitier. Who lives in the same building. This whole city lives in a 14-storey building. This building is also called Basil Tower.

There are 200 families in this building. People in this building have arranged for themselves the whole arrangement.The building has a church station, health care center, provision store and laundry. Employees who work on where.Their stay is also in this floor.It is very difficult for ordinary people to live in a single floor. But the lifestyle of the people here is very different from other people.

It is very difficult to come through the streets in this city. During the Cold War, the building was demolished by the army.


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One such ghost who did not aware of his death.

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