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You will be surprised by knowing these mysteries of India.

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India is a very unique country. There are many new events every day.Knowing which is very surprising. What can be done like this? And surprisingly it is. Science also did not tell the logic behind these incidents. So friends, today we are going to talk about some such mysterious events. Know which You will also be surprised. So let's start without waste time.

So friends, the first mysterious incident happened


In Chhattisgarh In this place, very old caves have been found in the Bastar tribal area. Where the pictures of very different kinds of people have been print on the walls. The texture of their body is very different from the today human body. On seeing, it looks like this. There is a picture of aliens. Science has not been able to tell till today. Which civilization created this picture.

Now go ahead to the second mystery


Friends, it is said so. Emperor Ashoka had formed a 9-person organization. Each of them had expertise in a particular kind of education. Like how to make gold. Knowledge of filling deep to deep wounds, etc. Is called. These people have written all their knowledge in 9 books and kept those books in a safe place. So that it does not fall into any wrong hands. It is said if a person gets the knowledge of these books. So he can rule the world. But it is good that no one knows anything about those 9 people and books written by them.

Now talk about the third secret


In a museum of India, the mummy of a person named Lama Tenzin is kept. Mummy is such a process. In which the dead body of a person is kept in a special chemical. By which his body remains the same. There is no harm in it. So the mummy of Lama Tenzin is kept in this way. It is a great thing that the nails and hair of that mummy are increasing even today. Science does not have any answer for this.

And talk about today's last secret.


A yogi is situated 200 kilometers from Ahmedabad. Is called. For almost 15 years, he did not eat anything or drink anything. His name is known as Prahlad. If an ordinary person does not eat anything. So he can live only for 5-7 days. But this person has been 15 years old. Nobody has ever been able to know this secret.


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Aware Your Friends

You will be surprised by knowing these mysteries of India.

The person who went to this Lake (Lake) never came back.

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