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mysterious things

You will be surprised by knowing such a strange incident.

Today we will talk about a strange event in World War I.You will find it difficult to believe this incident. Friends, this is it.of World War I . The war had just started right now.In 1914 the French... Read More

mysterious things

Is Ravana still alive? After die, he was taken alive.

All of you know about the story of Ramayana. When there is a war between Rama and Ravana. Lord Rama had killed Ravana. And the dead body of Ravana, Lord Shri Ram gave up his brother's ... Read More

mysterious things

You will be surprised by knowing these mysteries of India.

India is a very unique country. There are many new events every day.Knowing which is very surprising. What can be done like this? And surprisingly it is. Science also did not tell the logic behind these incidents. So friends, today we are going to talk about some such mysterious events. Kno... Read More

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