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mysterious things

Why does the body burn after death?

Hinduism is very ancient religion. The word Hindu is derived from the river Indus. In our Hindu religion, the sayings of sages on the basis of scientific basis. [16] Sanskars of our lives are said in old books.These rituals are follo... Read More

mysterious things

Human DNA gives most usefull information.

When you want to know about the relation of one person to another person, there is definitely a mention of dna. DNA only controls all of our personality. img1 This is the master mind of all our body cells. DNA is the m... Read More

mysterious things

Do you know. How much flies airplane in 1 liter

Airplanes, many of you people have also traveled in this. So many people have a dream of traveling in it. You will often see this heavy machine flying in the air. img1 After seeing this, it must have come to your mind that if it moves on fuel. So ... Read More

mysterious things

The whole town resides in a building.

We make houses for our living. Shops to buy more goods and there are hospitals to cure the disease and the group of all of us living is called the city. Those living people have different houses.If we tell you that there is one city in this world too. Which is i... Read More

mysterious things

The person who went to this Lake (Lake) never came back.

Friends have such a unique and mysterious place in the world. It is very difficult to understand. His secret is still unresolved. Today we are going to talk about such a lake. Which can be called killer lake. To this day whoever has gone to this lake that p... Read More

mysterious things

One such ghost who did not aware of his death.

Friends, How it seems if Ghost does not know that he has died. Yes, this is absolutely true. Talk from the beginning, This place is named Birsham Newton Airfield. During World War II, this place was used for the movement of the shi... Read More

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